In 1997, I was born in Istanbul. As a child I was always into music and this interest only kept growing through my adolescent years. During these years, I won awards for my solo vocal performances, formed a rock band and started composing music. After high school, I kept on composing and fell in love with the art of sound design. This was the beginning of a long and exciting journey for me and my craft.

My work has never been solely about art or overly absorbed in technique.

I always aim to get a perfect harmony of these two, with a great consideration of the needs of my client and the liking of the target audience.

These principles have always led me to progress and success in my field of work. I worked with many clients- domestic and international, and received very satisfying feedback. I have great confidence in my professionalism, but always consider myself a student; never afraid to take one step further to enrich my skills and always looking forward to the next project. The journey goes on!